BOS is looking for a Instructional Design Graduate student to serve as an intern.

Learning Objectives: 

The intern will participate in a 4 to 12 month unpaid internship program.  The internship will help the student:

§  Develop communication skills by working with subject matter experts to research and develop training programs

§  Create a technology based training environment using Adobe Connect  Pro 9 webinar technology

§  Develop and conduct virtual training sessions

§  Develop a comprehensive Curriculum Design Document including timeline and learning objectives

§  Write curriculum content materials in cooperation with subject matter experts

§  Develop training using the web authoring tool, Adobe Captivate

§  Develop curriculum using the Ruth Clark information ISD model

§  Design practice exercises and tests

§  Develop an evaluation tool to assess training effectiveness

§  Develop surveys using survey monkey

§  How to make materials 508 compliant

See attached document for additional information.

Interested students should send their resumes to Martha Edmonds at
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