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If your event requires funds, the Student Affairs Business Service Center (SABSC) must confirm that your organization has sufficient funds in their account at least 10 business days prior to your event. Contact Accounting Associate David Royer ( for any questions about your account and chartstring number, which is utilized for any financial and/or room reservation requests.

SGA funding

If your organization is planning on requesting funds from the SGA Finance Board, an Allocation Request Form must be filled out and submitted by the stipulated deadline. Allocation request deadlines depend on the amount of funds you will be requesting. If you would like to make changes to a request that has been already submitted, please contact the SGA Treasurer.

All organization treasurers must complete Treasurer Training, an in-person, hour-long training led by the SGA Treasurer and the Financial Support Team. The training will walk student organization treasurers through the SGA Allocation Request Process, offering tips for navigating Finance Board meetings and information on how organizations can raise and spend funds while following applicable laws and policies. All Treasurer Training dates and times can be found here.

Crowdfunding and corporate sponsorships

UMBC's Office of Institutional Advancement (OIA) has professional fundraising staff ready to help! They can get you started with a crowdfunding campaign, answer questions about sponsorship, and help you develop a fundraising plan for an event, tournament, conference, or other project. Email for more information or visit


Student organizations are not permitted to provide UMBC tax ID numbers or the UMBC Foundation tax ID for the purpose of fundraising without approval from Student Life. Sharing this number in unauthorized ways may violate tax law. Please contact Courtney Campbell ( or Tori Heasley (, Coordinators of Campus Life for Student Organizations.

When fundraising on campus, you must complete the following steps:

  1. Reserve the space/table at a designated location through an R25 reservation (
    • Use this link to log on to 25Live. If you initially log in more than two weeks into semester, you will also need to email to complete the access request.
  2. Complete a Cash Box Request Form through Event and Conference Services in order to secure a Cash Box for the event.
  3. Cash Box should be picked up and dropped off at the Student Affairs Business Services Center, Commons 334.
  4. When you pick up the cash box you must also provide the following items:
    1. Flyer from event/fundraiser including what the raised funds will go towards.
    2. If donating funds to a charity/nonprofit organization you must also submit:
      1. A flyer for the fundraiser that specifies the name of the charity and what percentage of funds will be donated.
      2. A letter/e-mail from the charity/nonprofit agreeing to accept the donation. The letter should include: name of student organization, name of nonprofit/charity and contact person, date of fundraiser.
      3. After the fundraiser:
        • All money received must be collected in the cash box and brought to the Student Affairs Business Services Center or dropped in one of The Commons safes IMMEDIATELY following the event.
        • In order for a check to be cut for a charity/nonprofit, the student organization must complete a RESGAF (signed by president or treasurer). The RESGAF can be obtained from David Royer in the Student Affairs Business Service Center. This must happen no later than 10 days after cash box is returned.

When fundraising off campus, please keep the following information in mind:

  • Any funds raised off campus must also be turned in to the Student Affairs Business Service Center, with the appropriate flyer. If the funds are going to a charity, you will also need to include a letter of acceptance form the charity, as outlined in the on-campus fundraising section.
  • If a business/organization/individual is donating funds to your organization they must make the check out to UMBC and include your organization's name in the memo section. Please be sure to bring the check to the Student Affairs Business Service Center immediately.

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