At certain times, you may find yourself needing to encourage your organization’s leaders to think of ways to help increase group cohesion among members, to create a more positive group dynamic. If officers approach you with concerns, you may find the following questions helpful in facilitating a productive dialogue:

  1. Do the officers know what their members want?
  2. Does everyone have a strong, positive feeling about the organization?
  3. Does everyone know what the organization’s mission statement is?
  4. What does the organization, and/or the organization’s officers, have trouble doing?
  5. How well does the organization’s executive board work together?
  6. Does the executive board have definite goals?
  7. What weaknesses need to be addressed, both in the executive board, and in the organization as a whole?
  8. What does the executive board want their experience to be? What do they want the experiences of the general members to be?

These types of questions do not need to be addressed only if a problem arises, and it can be beneficial to discuss them with officers at the beginning of each semester.

By addressing issues relating to group dynamics, conflicts will hopefully be reduced. However, if conflicts do occur within the group, and you are not sure how to best approach the situation, please do not hesitate to email the Coordinator for Student Organizations in Campus Life. 

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