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This feature is only available for Original Blackboard courses.

Assignment submission receipts are not available if the assignment is submitted via the Blackboard mobile app. Receipts are only provided through, whether accessed on a desktop or mobile browser.


When a student submits their assignment in Blackboard, both the student and the instructor receive a submission receipt with the date and time of submission, the ID of the submitter, and a unique receipt ID for tracking.

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After a successful submission, the Review Submission History page appears with information about their submitted assignments and a success message with a confirmation number. Students can copy and save this number as proof of their submissions and evidence for academic disputes. For assignments with multiple attempts, students receive a different number for each submission.

Students will also receive an email with a confirmation number and other details for each submission.

To see a history of your past submission receipts, go to My Grades and click on the Submission Receipts link at the bottom of your grade history.



You can access all of your students' confirmation numbers from the Grade Center. Access the Reports menu and select Submission Receipts.


On the Submission Receipts page, you can view information for each assignment, such as who submitted and when. Group assignments are also logged and the Submitter column lists who submitted for the group. In the Submission column, view if a student submitted a file or wrote the submission in the assignment's editor.

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