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The Course Room is an open session dedicated to your course. [source] It allows you and your students to freely chat with each other during times when regular sessions have not been scheduled. Unlike sessions that you create, the Course Room is always open for anyone registered in your course to join. Since students are able to join the Course Room even when the instructor is not present, the Course Room is an unsupervised area of communication.

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Join the Course Room:

  1. Navigate to the Blackboard Collaborate Ultra tool in your course (it can be found under Other Bb Tools).


  2. Near the top of the Collaborate home screen, you will see a toolbar that says Course Room. Click on the Join Room button in that toolbar to join the Course Room.

  3. The Course Room session operates like any other Blackboard session. To exit the Course Room, click on the hamburger menu CollaborateMenu.png on the top left corner of the window and click on Leave Session.

Students: If you do not see the Course Room within Blackboard Collaborate for your course, your instructor has disabled the Course Room.

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