In order to receive reimbursement after an event these must be brought to the Student Affairs Business Services Center (SABSC) in The Commons 334:

  • Post Event Form
  • Original Receipts (see lost my receipt)
  • Event flyer
  • Bank statement showing the charge
  • Justification/memo (This is only needed if the receipts are more than 30 days old. The justification can be any documentation which explains the expenses such as a written statement)  
  • Sales tax can never be reimbursed (see tax exemption on how to get sales tax removed)
  • Items that were not shipped to UMBC cannot be reimbursed (see correct shipping address)

If the person being reimbursed is on payroll, then UMBC will issue the reimbursement in their paycheck.  If they are not on payroll, then they will be paid by paper check mailed to their address.  Most reimbursements take at least 4-6 weeks to arrive.  See this reimbursement information if you are wondering when the reimbursement will arrive. 


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