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There are three ways students can access Webassign:

Blackboard IntegrationSelf EnrollInstructor Enroll
If you are synchronizing your course in Blackboard, you do not need a class code. The WebAssign integration will automatically link the Blackboard course to the WebAssign course.

If you are not using Blackboard, you must provide students with a class code or use your roster. WebAssign will email the instructor with a class key, who must then share with the class.

Additional Information

Only the instructor can provide the link to WebAssign content. Instructional technology and Blackboard staff do not have any administrative access to the WebAssign platform. Blackboard allows users to quickly sign in to WebAssign and access content, but only after it is first created and configured at the publisher's platform.

The WebAssign course must be set up through the WebAssign interface.

  • If you are an instructor, click Other Tools -> Access WebAssign to configure your course. Need assistance? Please contact your Cengage technical integration specialist.
  • If you are a student and you access WebAssign before the content is ready, you may experience an empty account. Review this FAQ -> Why am I not listed in any WebAssign courses?
NOTE: If your class is participating in the Course Materials Initiative, the WebAssign course must also be configured to bill to the institution. Since this information is confidential, it cannot be posted to the FAQ. Please contact the UMBC Bookstore or open an RT ticket for the information.
WebAssign is a third-party tool. Instructional technology staff do not have any administrative access to its interface. If you have technical issues with this tool, you must contact the vendor: Who should I contact if I have problems with WebAssign?

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