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Custom fields are unique versions of standard fields reserved for developers to connect with other systems, such as Document Imaging and SSOs. These fields can be created and saved for use on future documents and may consist of any combination of field properties such as font type, size, or validation settings. If there are fields that are used multiple times on different templates, then a custom field may be necessary. However, developers should not create their own. Custom fields are put into action only after being reviewed by a group of developers. In order to create a custom field:

  1. Start an envelope or choose a pre-created template for editing.
  2. In the Add Fields view of editing, select the 'Custom Fields' palette.
  3. To add a new custom field, click the '+' sign. There is also the option to save a standard field that you are using as a custom field. Users will design the properties of their custom field such as setting validations or specifying formatting options.
  4. Save the custom field once the design is complete and it will appear in the list of custom fields.

The video below shows the user how to create a custom field. In this example, a dropdown menu is being created that will have the recipient choose a semester for the specified year.

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