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Blackboard's new system theme is responsive, allowing increased support for mobile devices and a variety of display sizes. When users log in to Blackboard Learn on a mobile device or tablet, screen elements such as the course menu and control panel compress or change position so they stay visible. As the screen gets smaller, modules and tool tiles stack so the user still has access to them at their fingertips.

Depending on your device or display's size, the menu will shift to different places. NOTE: At this time, we do not have a list of devices and specific menu behaviors.


Cell Phones & Small Tablets

On a small device such as a phone, you can access the menu by clicking on the responsive menu icon, which is located in the upper left corner above the landing page in your course.

NOTE: By default, this landing page is set to Home Page, but it may say something different if you have changed it to another location in the course.

Laptops & Small Displays

On larger devices, but not full displays, you expand the course menu by clicking on the blue bar. In some instances, the bar may turn gray.

The course menu does not automatically expand if you enlarge your browser window. This is a known issue and is targeted for a fix in SU2018.