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Instructors or moderators can limit who students / participants can chat with. Moderators can also supervise all private chats.

If you want to supervise private chats or allow participants to only chat with moderators, you must select each option in Session Settings BEFORE the session starts. You cannot disable private chat during a session.

Setting Options

  • Participants can only chat with moderators: When selected, participants can only chat privately with moderators. If you don't select it, participants can chat privately with anyone in the session.

  • Moderators supervise all private chats: When selected, moderators can see everything that is said in private chat channels. An alert appears at the top of the private chat channel informing users that the chat is being supervised. If you don't select it, you don't see the private chat channels.

Limitations of Private Chat

Private chat does not work with the student Blackboard app at this time.

Private chats are not included in session recordings. Only the Everyone chat is included in session recordings.


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