Initially, there will be no significant change to the overall course experience for users. Faculty will still have a control panel and the course will still have a course menu and content area. However, the course will open in a layer over the base navigation.

Original course viewUltra course view

The Ultra Course View

Once the Ultra Experience is enabled at the course level, the interface and workflow changes may feel dramatic, but they greatly simplified and fully responsive on all devices. Tools are contextual to reduce clicks and content appears in the course using peek layers.  


A. Navigation bar: Open frequently used tools in one step. Select an icon to check the course calendar, respond to class discussions, access the course gradebook, and send a message.

B. Add content: Select the plus sign wherever you want to add content.

C. Details & Actions: Manage your course with these options:

D. New activity: Activity indicators appear for conversations and discussions.

Finding Your Ultra Course

Users can identify an original and an Ultra course from the course list. In this example, Professor Jones has three courses:




If the bar on the left of the course listing is gray, the course is original. 

  • In this example, two of Professor Jones' courses are original.


If the bar on the left of the course listing is in color, the course is Ultra. 

  • In this example, one of Professor Jones' course is Ultra.