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Individual vendors develop tools at different paces depending on available integrations for Blackboard web services and REST API integrations. Tools listed here to not represent the full roadmap under development by vendors at the time of this FAQ's publication. Not all vendors provided information to UMBC or a clear timeline for Ultra support.

This list focuses on third-party tools for Blackboard. Please review these FAQs for other functionality:

Tools may appear in Ultra under another name or form and with different functionality and customizations. These will be noted under comments. Please review linked documentation for additional information.

Don't see a tool listed? Please open an RT ticket. If possible, include your vendor's point of contact to expedite your inquiry.
ToolVendorIntegration TypeUltra CompatibleStatusComments
AcrobatiqAcrobatiqBuilding BlockNoIN DEVELOPMENTUMBC is working with the vendor and will beta test the Ultra integration when it is available.
ALEKSMcGraw-HillLTI NoIN DEVELOPMENTLTI needs to be tested & validated.
Bookshelf by VitalSourceVitalSourceBuilding Block / LTI YesAVAILABLELTI has been tested. Functionality is limited to a textbook link at this time.

Cengage Learning MindLinks

Also supports CogLab

CengageBuilding BlockPartiallyIN DEVELOPMENT

Estimated Q2+ 2019 (late SU2019)

Limited LTI may be available, but there are some limitations.
Single sign on will work, but grade synchronization is not yet supported.

Consult your publisher's technical integration specialist

CourseArcCourseArcLTI YesAVAILABLELTI has been tested. Ready to use.
EACEACBuilding BlockYesTESTINGLTI wrapper is ready for testing.
eXploranceeXploranceLTIYesAVAILABLECourse evaluations are accessed from the Tools link on the Bb menu.
FlipIt PhysicsMacmillanLTI YesAVAILABLELTI has been tested. Ready to use.
InQuizitiveW.W. NortonLTI YesAVAILABLELTI has been tested. Ready to use.
McGraw-Hill CampusMcGraw-HillBuilding BlockNoIN DEVELOPMENTVendor estimates FA2019.
McGraw-Hill Connect and CreateMcGraw-HillBuilding BlockNoIN DEVELOPMENTVendor estimates FA2019.
Microsoft OneNoteMicrosoftLTI YesAVAILABLELTI has been tested. Ready to use.
Pearson's MyLab & MasteringPearsonBuilding BlockNoIN DEVELOPMENT 
QwicklyQwicklyBuilding BlockNoIN DEVELOPMENT 
Qwickly AttendanceQwicklyBuilding Block / LTIYesAVAILABLEReady to use.
Qwickly Jot AssignmentQwicklyBuilding BlockNoIN DEVELOPMENT 
Respondus LockDown BrowserRespondus IncBuilding BlockNoAVAILABLEReady to use.
Soomo LearningSoomo PublishingBuilding BlockNoIN DEVELOPMENT 
Tk20Tk20LTI YesAVAILABLEReady to use. Required Turning Point 8.
Turning Technologies ClickersTurning TechnologiesLTIYesAVAILABLEReady to use.
VoiceThreadVoiceThreadLTI YesAVAILABLEReady to use.
WebAssignCengageBuilding BlockNoIN DEVELOPMENT 
WileyPLUSWileyBuilding BlockNoTESTINGLTI has been tested. Will be available for SU2019.