Course Customization Options

At the system level and within the course view, the Ultra Experience looks the same in every course and institution. UMBC cannot change the style or function of the Ultra Experience.

Upload course bannerYesYesYou can upload a course banner that is at least 1200 x 240 pixels.
See → How do I add a banner image to my Ultra course?
Add to course menuYesNoThe course outline functions as your course menu.
Customize menu styleYesNoThe course outline functions as your course menu and there are no styles to select.
Turning tools on or offYesNo

Core Blackboard tools cannot be disabled. Please see → Why can't I turn off certain tools in my Ultra course?
The Bb system admin controls which licensed tools and integrations are available in all courses.
Instructors choose which tools to deploy in the content areas.

In future releases, instructors may have some flexibility to turn off certain tools, but these privileges will be defined by Bb system administrators.

Select course themeNoNoUnder consideration for Ultra courses. No timeline yet.
Fonts & colorsYesNoFunctioning as designed to support accessibility.
You can customize some colors and fonts through the content editor, but not folder or learning module titles.

Course Management Options

As with course customization, there are certain components of an Ultra course that can be managed by the instructor while other elements are controlled by the institution. Some system settings are fixed by default by Blackboard and cannot be changed.

Controlled by
Tool or SettingInstructorInstitutionBlackboard
Course availability(tick)(tick)
Course completion(tick) (tick)
Course language

Course ID
Course name(tick)(tick)
Course tools (system)

Course tools (licensed)
Combined section enrollments(tick)(tick)
Guest access Not yet supported in Ultra
Official student enrollments
Additional support staff (TAs, etc.)(tick)

This list will be updated as other items are identified.