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At the system level and within the course view, the Ultra Experience looks the same in every course and at every institution. UMBC cannot change the style or function of the Ultra Experience.

Upload course bannerYesNoFunctioning as designed. You can upload an image to your course on the Courses page, but it will not appear in the course itself.
Add to course menuYesNoThe course outline functions as your course menu.
Customize menu styleYesNoThe course outline functions as your course menu and there are no styles to select.
Turning tools on or offYesNo

Core Blackboard tools cannot be disabled.
The Bb system admin controls which licensed tools and integrations are available in all courses.
Instructors choose which tools to deploy in the content areas.

Select course themeNoNoUnder consideration for Ultra courses. No timeline yet.
Fonts & colorsYesNoFunctioning as designed to support accessibility.
This list will be updated as further items are identified. Last updated on August 28, 2018.