Permanently converting your course to the Ultra Course View is a big step. For some instructors, the Ultra Course View is a big shift from the Original Course View. Other instructors may welcome the more modern interface and streamlined features.

Instructors can use the Ultra Course Preview before converting their courses permanently. The preview lets instructors know which Original Course View features will not be available if they convert to the Ultra Course View. Some features are not currently available in the Ultra Course View such as surveys, course links, self and peer assessments, groups, journals, blogs, and wikis. 

Avoid converting a previously delivered course to Ultra

  • Once committed to Ultra, you WILL lose student grades & submissions.
  • Some courses cannot be converted back to Original due to the overall archive size (e.g., content + student data). Large archives must be restored by a system admin.

If you commit to Ultra on a course with student data, whether the course is completed or you are currently teaching the course, you will only convert course content – all student data will be removed. PLEASE export your gradebook and archive your course as a backup before you flip your previously used Original course to Ultra. Additionally, you may submit an RT ticket to have an Ultra Course Development created from a previously taught course.

 Show Me

A walkthrough of the Ultra Course Preview from 2 perspectives
From UMBC (4:16)From Blackboard (3:00)
Click the arrow while the video is playing to open a larger version in a separate window.

Tell Me

 The Ultra preview is just a preview. You don't have to make a permanent change to your course, but please note: Use the preview to explore rather than build.

  • If you like the Ultra Course View, you can permanently convert your course and make updates after committing to the change.
  • If you aren't ready to make the switch, you can return to the Original Course View. 

You can only preview courses that are NOT currently open to students – please make sure your course is private while you try the Ultra preview. When your course is in preview mode, only instructors and administrators can view it. After you open your course to students, students see it in the course view you chose. You can only open a course to students if it's in the Original Course View or permanently converted to the Ultra Course View.

Related FAQs

I don't see the Ultra Course Preview!

If your course is private and you still don't see the Ultra Course Preview icon, please open an RT ticket. A Blackboard System Admin must toggle the setting in your course.

  1. On the Courses page, select the Complete or Make Private icon on the course card.

  2. Select the Experience the new Learn icon in the top-right corner of the page. 

  3. In the pop-up window, start the conversion to the Ultra Course View.

  4. During the conversion process, you will not have access to the course until Blackboard is finished.

  5. You will receive an email notification when your course is ready. 

  6. From the Courses page, access your course and check out how your content looks in the Ultra Course View.

  7. Review any conversion exceptions.

    Course conversions are organized into three priority groups, based on the potential impact.

    • Low Priority exceptions include course appearance changes, formatting changes, or slight feature limitations.
    • Medium Priority exceptions include feature behavior changes and formatting and submission removal.
    • High Priority exceptions include unsupported features and grade data removal.

    Select View Exceptions under a priority heading to learn more. All exceptions in that category appear in the panel. To see how the exception affects parts of your course, select an exception. The list of affected content appears so you can understand the specific changes.

  8. After you preview the Ultra Course View, it's decision time! You can either permanently convert the course or stay with the original version. The bar at the bottom of your screen also contains options for your course view selection. 

    Select Back to Original course. You exit the preview and your course will revert to the way you had it before the preview.
    Remember, any changes you made to your course during the Ultra preview aren't saved if you go back to the Original Course View.

    Select Use the Ultra course. After you make the conversion permanent, you can open the course to students when you're ready.

    If you do not want to use Ultra, then select the option to convert your course back to the original Blackboard course view.

    Again, you will receive an email when your course is converted. 

Once you convert your course to the Ultra Experience, you cannot return to the original course view. 

Any changes you make to your course while in the Ultra Course View preview won't be saved if you exit the preview and choose to continue in the Original Course View. If you choose to permanently convert your course to Ultra, the changes you made during the preview are saved.