Upon logging into Blackboard, faculty and students will notice a new look for Blackboard. The Ultra Experience update in May 2018 modernized the overall dashboard with the new Ultra Experience base navigation. Central site navigation for courses, organizations, tools, etc. is relocated to the left menu and there are no more tabs. 

  Institution Page: Find information about your institution.
  Profile: Make changes to your online persona.
 See up-to-the-minute action for all of your courses. Message notifications also appear here.
 Navigate to past, present, and future courses. The base navigation opens to this page.
During the Ultra Experience transition, courses may appear in the original or Ultra styles, or a mix of both.
Courses with a gray bar are original while those with a color bar are Ultra.
 Access the organizations you're participating in or leading.
 View course events and due dates for all your courses.
 View and send messages in all of your Ultra courses. Course and system announcements also appear here.
 Check your grades across all your courses. Faculty can see what needs to be graded here.
Access global functions that are outside of a course such as the Content Collection.

Courses and all of these menu functions will open in a layer over the base navigation. Please see this FAQ for more information. 

REMEMBER - the course interface is not expected to change to the Ultra Experience until SU2019 or if the instructor opts in earlier.


Important Term to Know

Base Navigation - The central dashboard for Blackboard's new Ultra Experience.