Modifying the menu color and links is no longer supported.

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Although the Blackboard system and course theme cannot be changed, faculty can modify the color of the menu links.

  1. Go to the course's Control Panel.
  2. Select Customization -> Teaching Style
  3. Under the Style section, choose Text Color for the links

    Choose a color for the course menu links.
  4. Use the color switcher to choose your color or enter FFFFFF (white) for its Color Value.

    If you opt to select a color, we recommend a contrasting color in keeping with accessibility principles. Check your color contrast with this accessibility tool.

  5. Click Apply to save the color.
  6. Make sure the Background Color is set to #333333 (obscure gray) for its Color Value. Click Apply again to save the color.
  7. Click submit to save the settings again.