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Getting Started

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  1. Log into your Blackboard Course.
  2. Access Collaborate via Course Tools -> Bb Collaborate Ultra
  3. Access Recordings from the Collaborate dashboard -> How do I access and download a Blackboard Collaborate recording?
  4. Find the recording you want to caption. The recording name always begins with the session name unless you changed it.
  5. Open the Recording options and select Add caption source.

  6. Browse for the SRT or VTT file and upload it.
  7. Click Submit to save.

Overwrite or Disable Captions

Recordings with captions have a Closed Caption options menu. Open that menu if you want to overwrite or disable the captions.

  1. From Recordings, find the recording you want.
  2. Select the Closed captions options menu.
    • To Overwrite the caption file, select Overwrite caption source. Browse for the SRT or VTT file and upload it.
    • To Disable the captions, select Disable.

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