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Panopto for Mac Update (version 11.0.0)

 Panopto supports the following versions of Panopto for Mac. Please note: Panopto versions in parentheses are legacy versions, which are not currently downloadable.

macOS12macOS 11macOS 10.15macOS 10.14*macOS 10.13
Not Supported
  • macOS 12 (Monterey) support — Panopto has added support for macOS 12. Please note: Older versions of Panopto for Mac will not work properly with macOS 12 and users should upgrade to this version (11.0.0).
  • With this latest release, Panopto for Mac version 11.0.0 will not support macOS 10.14 (Mojave).
  • macOS 10.14 users may continue to use Panopto for Mac version 10.2.0. The Panopto Cloud user interface does not provide the download of Panopto for Mac version 10.2.0. You may still download it from this link, which is available until summer 2022. At that time, Panopto will end supporting macOS 10.14 and Panopto for Mac 10.2.0. 

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Before you can begin recording, you would need to download/install the Panopto recorder to your computer. You can install the software on a PC, Mac or Tablet.

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  1. Login to your Panopto course.
  2. Click on the Panopto link in your course.
  3. Click on Create.
  4. Click on Record a new session.
  5. Click on Download Panopto.
  6. Follow the download prompts & instructions to complete the installation.

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