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  • Instructional Design Specialist; Kennedy Krieger; Baltimore; 11.2.18
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Position: Instructional Design Specialist (4152)

Company: Kennedy Krieger

Location: Baltimore, MD

Description: The Instructional Design Specialist will work with faculty subject matter experts to create engaging in-person, e-learning and blended learning activities and compelling course content through the application of tested instructional design theories, practices and methods.  Will maintain and apply knowledge of best and emerging practices to develop and revise instructional materials, leveraging available and identified technology to meet and evaluate learning goals and objectives.  Curriculum and content will pertain to the training and preparation of K-12 educators. 


  1. Supports faculty through the development and delivery of online, face-to-face, and blended learning courses.
  2. Facilitates student learning by managing communications and evaluations, and advises CILSE leadership to ensure the success of programming.
  3. During the development of courses, provides critical expertise and advisement to faculty about strategies that improve teaching and learning, course design, and instructional and assessment practices to ensure student success, satisfaction, and engagement.
  4. During the delivery of courses, collaborates with primary faculty members, and provide expertise and support on course facilitation, instructional delivery, and student assessment. 
  5. Facilitates courses and student learning by managing online discussion boards, maintaining other forms of communication with students, and providing grading and evaluation of student assignments.
  6. Collaborates with leadership and faculty to formulate, interpret, and implement course policies and operating practices to ensure the success of programming.
  7. Provides and/or supports professional learning activities for educational organizations partnering with CILSE.
  8. Generates materials for CILSE for professional learning activities.


  • At least one year of professional experience in instructional design with adult learners is required, including aspects of distance/e-learning.
  • Previous experience teaching K-12 students is required.
  • Master’s degree is required, preferably in education, instructional design, curriculum and instruction, educational technology, or related field. 

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