This provides information on how to upload video or audio files into Panopto. Files may be uploaded one-at-a-time, or as a batch – through drag & drop. Various file types are accepted.

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  1. Launch Panopto , either from within your Blackboard course or log in directly via

  2. Click on the Create menu.
    TIP: If appropriate, create a new folder for the media.
  3. Click on Upload media.
  4. Browse to the location of the file(s) to be uploaded.
  5. Select the file(s), then click on Open (Drag & Drop uploading is available for multiple files).
  6. When file(s) have been successfully uploaded, you will receive an Upload Complete message (you may close the upload window at that point).
  7. The uploaded file(s) should be available for editing, sharing or viewing, etc. within your course.

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