Instructors can use the Ultra Course Preview before converting their courses permanently. The preview lets instructors know which Original Course View features will not be available if they convert to the Ultra Course View. 

To help you better understand how your course environment will change, Blackboard organizes the conversion exceptions into three priority groups, based on the potential impact.

Type of ExceptionDescriptionExample(s)

Low Priority
Course appearance changes, formatting changes, or slight feature limitations

Color used in folder titles, grade center

Empty discussion forums

Medium Priority
Feature behavior changes and formatting and submission removal

Discussion board settings (subscription)

Announcement settings (course links)

Publisher integrations

High Priority
Unsupported features and grade data removal

Wikis, grade center calculated columns

Test settings (force complete, backtracking)

Select View Exceptions under a priority heading to learn more. All exceptions in that category appear in the panel. To see how the exception affects parts of your course, select an exception. The list of affected content appears so you can understand the specific changes.

Remember, you're in preview mode. You haven't committed to a permanent conversion of your course yet.

Any changes you make to your course while in the Ultra Course View preview won't be saved if you exit the preview and choose to continue in the Original Course View. If you choose to permanently convert your course to Ultra, the changes you made during the preview are saved.


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