Ultra is a one way path!

NO: Once you convert your course to the Ultra Experience, you cannot return to the original course view. 

Instructors can use the Ultra Course Preview tool before converting their courses to Ultra permanently. The preview lets instructors know which Original Course View features will not be available if they convert to the Ultra Course View.

Any changes you make to your course while in the Ultra Course View preview won't be saved if you exit the preview and choose to continue in the Original Course View. If you choose to permanently convert your course to Ultra, the changes you made during the preview are saved.

Avoid converting a previously delivered course to Ultra:

  • Once committed to Ultra, you WILL lose student grades & submissions.
  • Some courses cannot be converted back to Original due to the overall archive size (e.g., content + student data). Large course archives must be restored manually by a system admin.

If you commit to Ultra on a course with student data, you will only convert course content – all student data will be removed. PLEASE export your gradebook and archive your course as a backup before you flip your previously taught Original course to Ultra.