These items are removed from the course when you convert permanently to Ultra Course View:

Original ToolWorkaround
AchievementsBlackboard achievements will not convert, but you can use Badgr to set up new achievements.
Adaptive releasePrior rules will be removed. Conditional availability is available.
Blank PageBlank Pages will convert to Ultra Documents.
Blogs* & journalsJournals will convert, but blogs are not supported.
Course links*Any shortcuts to other content in your course will be removed.
Some shortcuts to assignments and discussions will remain with some limitations.
NOTE: Course links are in development.
Course Surveys*Use Google Forms
RubricsAll rubrics will convert except no-points. Maximum points or question point values containing a decimal are truncated and rounded down to the nearest whole number. 
Self & Peer Assessments*Self and peer assessments will not convert. You can use an Ultra assignment with peer feedback enabled. For quantitative feedback, use a Google Form.
TextbookAdd information in syllabus.
If your course participates in the Course Materials Initiative, the textbook can be linked. Contact the bookstore.
ContactsDiscontinued. Provide information in an accessible PDF or create Document in Ultra.
Lesson PlanDiscontinued. Upload an accessible PDF.
Module pagesDiscontinued. Use Document in Ultra.
SyllabusDiscontinued. Upload an accessible PDF.
TasksDiscontinued. Use Calendar & Assignments with due dates.
WikisDiscontinued. Consider Google Docs or Microsoft OneNote.

Items marked with an asterisk are in development for Ultra.

Please do not convert an existing course to Ultra with live student data unless you are prepared to lose graded content. For example, pre-existing groups and any associated submissions for assignments or discussions will be removed and cannot be recovered. 

Formatting changes

  • Rich text announcements are converted to plain text
  • Removal of color used for folder names, within text, or in the grade center 
  • Alignment of images
  • Tables
  • Embed code & HTML editor

These tools & content types are discontinued in Ultra:

  • Contacts
  • Lesson plans
  • Glossary
  • Module pages
  • Performance dashboard
  • Syllabus
  • Textbook
  • Tasks
  • Wikis

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