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Organize students into groups so they can interact with each other and demonstrate their knowledge while they learn to appreciate the perspective of others. In Ultra, students can participate in Group discussions, submit Group assignments, or take a Group test.

You can create course groups one at a time or in sets.

What you CAN do with Groups in UltraWhat you CAN'T do with Groups in UltraUltra Developer Status

Create Groups one at a time or in sets

Batch create groups with a CSV file

Create self-enrolled groupsBatch enroll students into groups with a CSV file
Add students to multiple GroupsFilter the gradebook by Group

NOT AVAILABLE (see note below)

Set up a Group discussion

Allow students to initiate a Group message

WORKAROUND Use Class Conversations

Set up a Group assignmentSet up a Group area for students

WORKAROUND Use Class Conversations

Set up a Group testSet up a conditional availability rule for Groups


Send students a Group messageConvert Original Groups to Ultra Groups


Automatically provide students with a Group accessible Collaborate sessionExport Group information to CSV


NOTE: UMBC is researching a new process for merging and splitting combined courses, which would provide gradebook filters for those sections. This is not the same as groups, but it would provide a means to easily identify students enrolled in a specific section and drill down to only those students for grading purposes.
The Groups tool is expected to evolve with feedback from faculty – tell us what you'd like to see and what is essential to your teaching process so we can let the Blackboard developers know!

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