Please review the list of third-party tools to make sure your publisher integration is supported in an Ultra course. Some tools are still in development with the vendors and will not be available until summer/fall 2019.

All third-party integrations must be tested and approved before they are available to use. Related FAQ -> How do I request a new tool or integration for Blackboard?


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The Content Market is your gateway to access valuable learning materials from content providers. The third-party content and tools you add will appear on the Course Content page your other course materials. If a tool provider allows, you can add multiple pieces of their content to your course in just a few clicks.


Add a Link to Your Publisher Tool via Content Market

  1. On the Course Content page, select the plus sign (+) wherever you want to add content. You can also expand or create a folder and add content.

  2. Select Content Market. You can find and add content from content providers or browse the list of tools your institution has already made available. In this example, we have selected Macmillan Learning.

  3. Choose a publisher textbook and electronic resources.  

  4. Next, follow the instructions provided by the publisher/vendor to pair your course to that publisher with the authorization process required by that publisher. You may be asked to authorize the provider's access to certain user information, such as your name and email address.

    • UMBC chooses to automatically share your user information (First/Last name, email, role) with content providers to streamline course synchronization.
    • UMBC cannot provide specific publisher support for specific publisher integrations or applications. Please consult with your vendor or textbook contact.

Adding Content via Text Editor

You can also add content from the Content Market directly to the editor in your course's assignments, tests, and documents. In the editor, select Insert Content > Insert/Edit LTI Item.


Add Content via Books & Tools

On the Course Content page, select Books and Tools under Details & Actions to view the publisher content you've already used in your course and tools you might be interested in.

The list of suggested tools contains the authorized tools for UMBC. Select the plus sign to use a tool in your course. If there is no plus sign, then the tool is only accessible by the instructor and cannot be added as a link within the course.


Add teaching tools with the LTI connection

You can also set up tools we haven't authornized yet as long as your publisher/vendor provides you with LTI compliant credentials.

  1. On the Course Content page, select the plus sign (+) wherever you want to add content. You can also expand or create a folder and add content.
  2. Click Create.
  3. When the right panel opens, select Teaching Tools with LTI connection.

  4. On the New LTI Link panel, title the tool and type or paste the Configuration URL
    • If the LTI connection requires a key or a shared secret, these fields appear after you add the URL. 
    • You can also set the link to open in a separate window, allow class conversations, enable grading, and type a description that appears with the tool on the Course Content page. 
    • If you don't add a title, New LTI Link and the date appear in the content list.

In all cases, when students select the link on the Course Content page, they're brought to the content.