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If the course you are polling with is listed under the Active Courses tab on the Courses page, follow steps 5-6.

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To upgrade to TurningPoint 8:

  1. Sign into your TurningPoint account using the browser:
  2. On the Courses page, click on the "Blackboard" tab.
  3. Locate the class you are teaching with TurningPoint 8.
  4. Click “Select”.
    Note: This will move your course from the Blackboard tab to the Active Courses tab.
  5. Download the desktop application for TurningPoint 8 Install by visiting the following link: 
    Note: You will need to complete a form to begin downloading the application. Fill the form out accordingly with your myUMBC email address. 
  6. Once the download is complete, sign into your account. 
    Note: You will need to create an offline password. This can be the same password as your TurningPoint account. 
  7. Once you sign into your account, you will see the class you connected from the browser displayed in the desktop application.

Warning: Not backwards compatible

Please note that TurningPoint 8 is NOT backwards compatible. For example, an instructor who uses TurningPoint 8 on the lecture hall computer will notice their slides will not work if their personal device is using TurningPoint Cloud. Anything created in TurningPoint 8 cannot be used in older versions. However, anything created in older versions of TurningPoint can be brought into TurningPoint 8 and slides will work successfully. UMBC lecture halls currently supports TurningPoint 8.

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