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In an Original Course, a student can write the assignment submission or attach a file. Students have the same options in Ultra courses, but the steps are different.

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Creating Your Assignment in Ultra

  1. Select the title of your assignment in the Ultra course.
  2. Review the Details and Information panel on the right for important information about the assignment. 
    • If security has been applied to your assignment, follow the instructions on the panel to download and install Respondus Lockdown Browser.
  3. Click Add Content to use the editor to format the text, embed images, and attach files. Only your instructor can view the content you add.

    • If you want to submit a file, click the attachment icon (paperclip) to select your file.
    • If you want to create/compose your assignment within Ultra, use the content editor to write, add images, web links, videos, etc.
  4. Click Save each time you Add Content to your assignment.
  5. When you're ready for your instructor to grade your work, click Submit. If you are not ready to submit, select Save and Close to save your work and continue later. 
NOTE: If you do not SUBMIT your assignment, your instructor won't receive your completed assignment.

Anonymous Assignments

Your instructor won't see your name during grading an anonymous assignment. When you open an assignment, you will be informed if your submission is set to be graded anonymously:

You won’t see any indication of anonymous grading on your Grades page. Until your instructor posts grades, you'll see Pending in the Grade column. If your instructor allowed multiple attempts, you'll also see Pending for each attempt you've submitted.

Remember, this assessment will be graded anonymously. Don't include any personal information, such as your name. Don't add your name to files you upload or use your name in any text you add.

Group Assignments

In the Ultra courses, you won't have a separate area for groups. Instead, instructors create group assignments where you can collaborate with other students. Your group name will be listed after the group assignment title, and your group members' names appear when you open an assignment and when you work on it.

When you select View assessment, you can just view the group assignment or add some work. Select Save and Close in the panel if you are not ready to submit. 

If your instructor enabled conversations, select the Open group conversation icon in the panel. You can ask for help, share sources, or answer questions others have about the group assignment. You can also use Collaborate Ultra to meet virtually with your group if your course uses Collaborate and your instructor enabled conversations. To open your group's Collaborate room, select the Open Collaborate room icon.

Everyone in the group can keep track of the latest version of the work. When a group member opens a group assignment, the assignment is locked so other members can't edit it. Other group members can request to work on the assignment. The member in control can approve or decline the request.

 Until a member selects Submit, you can open the group assignment as many times as you want. 

You can't make changes to a group assignment after you submit it.

About Assignments

  • Due date
    • If the due date it passed, Blackboard will mark your submission late
  • Number of attempts allowed
  • Goals, if aligned
  • Rubric, if used for grading

About Assignment Time Limits

Your instructor may limit the amount of time you have to submit your assignment. You'll see the time limit on the assignment's Details & Information panel and within the assignment, as you work.

Be sure to note the time if a limit is set. The timer keeps running whether or not you're actively working on the assignment.

About Assignment Rubrics

If your instructor is using a rubric to grade your submission, select This item is graded with a rubric to open the rubric alongside the assignment.

Expand individual criterion to review the achievement levels. After your assignment is graded, you can access your graded submission on the Course Content page to view the Details & Information panel again.