Your instructor probably has many different files uploaded in your course. Ally creates alternative formats for those files. You can download the alternative formats anywhere that files are used. Just choose the version that is best for your needs!

Ally currently does not process student content or student submissions. Ally currently only processes instructional content. For example, content added by someone with edit permissions in the course, such as the instructor or instructional designer.

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Depending on your course interface, finding the alternative formats is slightly different.

1. Log into your course and find the file you want.

2. Click the menu icon for your course and select Alternative formats. In an Ultra course, the menu has three dots (...) but in an Original course, the menu looks like a gray circle with a downward pointing arrow. 

Ultra CourseOriginal Course

3. Choose a format.

Don’t stick to just one format! Use as many formats as you want. Need help choosing? Check out these FAQs: