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Accessibility scores are determined by the severity of issues in each file. A low score indicates the file has severe or multiple accessibility issues; a high score means there are minor or no accessibility issues.








File is not accessible and needs immediate attention.File is somewhat accessible and could use improvement.File is accessible but could be improved.File is accessible. No improvement needed.

Typically, you should see your accessibility score within 15-90 seconds. This may take longer if your content is complex, or if you have a lot of course content and it is being assessed all at once.

NOTE: Content must be attached in a course to be included in the scoring. Any items in the Content Collection that are not attached in a course are ignored during an Ally scan.

Next Steps:

Once you know the accessibility score, you can begin to explore the accessibility issues and improve your content to raise the score. Accessible documents are important for all audiences, and Ally gives you the tools to understand common issues and improve your course files.


Ally will be available in both Ultra and Original courses for summer 2019 and beyond.

Only instructors and Bb system admins can see the accessibility meters. Students do not see the indicators.