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Although Respondus Lockdown Browser is a customized browser for taking tests, you must access your test information through Blackboard.

  1. If you are using Internet Explorer, please check your browser settings with the Respondus browser checker.
  2. Before you take your test with Respondus Lockdown Browser, please make sure you have the latest version of Respondus Lockdown Browser installed -- this link is custom to UMBC. Please do not install any other version of the RLDB except the one for UMBC.
  3. Please allow these trusted sites / domains in your web browser's security setting and to any security software running a firewall:
  4. Temporarily disable any spyware or antivirus detection software that may interfere with the Lockdown Browser.

  5. Turn off any instant messaging or screen capture apps. 

Finally, please follow the appropriate workflow for your course:

  • If your course is using the Ultra Course View, please allow Blackboard to open the Lockdown Browser.
  • If your course is using Original Course View, launch the Lockdown Browser first, then log into Blackboard and access your test.

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