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Schedule adjustment period

The first four days of each summer and winter session is the designated schedule adjustment period.

You can add, swap or drop courses without academic or financial penalty during the schedule adjustment period.  Use myUMBC to add, swap or drop courses.

Schedule changes after the schedule adjustment period

After the schedule adjustment period ends you can no longer use myUMBC to make changes to your schedule.

You must submit a 
Help Request to the Registrar's Office for the following changes:

  • Change grade method from regular to pass/fail.
  • Drop a course after schedule adjustment. This is considered a course attempt, and your transcript will reflect a "W" for the dropped course. You will not receive a refund for the dropped summer or winter course.
  • Session withdrawal. After the deadline to drop courses with a grade of "W," you are not permitted to drop individual courses. You must withdraw from the entire session and drop all courses in the session. Your transcript will reflect a "session withdrawal.”

Late add petition

It is against University guidelines to attend a class for which you are not registered. In rare and extenuating circumstances, however, an exception to add a class after the published deadline can be considered by submitting a late add petition to the Academic Standards and Policy Administration.

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