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The Degree Planner is housed in your Student Administration self service page. Changes made to your Degree Planner will be reflected in your Degree Progress report ("Degree Donut") in myUMBC. Follow the steps below to use the Degree Planner in your Student Administration self service page and your Degree Donut in myUMBC.

Log into myUMBC.

Click on "Profile," and you will be taken to your profile page which shows a pictograph of your degree progress.

Your degree progress report will display a "percentage on track" representing the completeness of your degree planner.  Ideally, your percentage will represent that you are 100% on track for degree completion.  

Click the "View More" link below your degree progress pictograph to access your full degree progress report.

Click on the Degree Planner link to the left of your degree progress pictograph. You will be taken to your degree planner page within your student self-service page.

To add courses to your planner, you may select courses by using the "Browse Course Catalog" or "Plan by My Requirements" features. 

"Browse Course Catalog" will allow you to search the entire course catalog to identify courses. To get familiar with the planner, we recommend you start with this option.

"Plan by My Requirements" will provide guidance on your course selection based on your declared degree intentions (major, minor, certificate, etc.)as noted in your degree audit.   

Note: Students who declared their major, minor or certificate Fall 2018 or later may use the "Plan by My Requirements" or "Browse Course Catalog" option.  Students who declared their major, minor or certificate prior to Fall 2018 will need to use the "Browse Course Catalog" option.  If you are unsure when you declared your major, minor or certificate, you may check your Degree Audit.

To add a course by using "Plan by My Requirements" click the "Plan by My Requirements" button and then review the degree requirements that are not currently satisfied. In most cases you will see a list of courses that can be used to meet the requirement that is not currently satisfied. Click on a course, then click "Add to Planner".

To add a course by using "Browse Course Catalog" click the "Browse Course Catalog" button. Search for a course based on academic subject, and then check the box next to the desired class. Click the "Add to Planner" button to add the course to your planner. 

Once a course has been added to your planner, it needs to be assigned to a specific term.  To move an unassigned course to a specific term, check the box next to the unassigned course(s) and then select a term from the drop down. Click "Move" to place those courses in the specified term. 

To delete courses from your planner, click the trash can icon next to any course that is already in your planner.

When you have finished making updates to your degree planner, click on the button that says, “Plan by My Requirements”. Clicking this button will update your degree planner pictograph (“Degree Donut”) in myUMBC. Please allow a few minutes for your updated degree planner information to be reflected in your Degree Donut in myUMBC.

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