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A new enhancement to the Courses page provides users with an option to view courses in list or grid mode. Stock images randomly display for each course card when grid mode is active. The banner image can be replaced by faculty who would prefer to personalize the course visual.

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  1. First, make sure your Courses page is set to grid mode. Click on the grid mode icon next to the search field.

    Grid Mode on Courses Page

  2. Hover over the existing image until the pencil icon appears in the upper right corner.

    Click pencil icon to edit banner image

  3. A panel layer will open on the right with the Image Editor.
  4. Click to select or drag your banner image to the Add new image field.
    • NOTE: Banner images must be 1200 x 300 pixels or larger.

      Drag your new banner image to upload

  5. Click Reset to default image to use a stock image from the Blackboard gallery.
Original courses with existing banners will find those images are preloaded on the Courses page. The banner images uploaded through the Courses page will NOT pass over to the course regardless of whether it is Original or Ultra. Replacing the image on the Courses page will replace it in the Original course.