Instructors and students often use calendars to organize and keep track of events. In this release, users can synchronize external calendars with Blackboard.

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  1. First, you will need to generate the ICS file from your preferred external calendar:
  2. Next, log into Blackboard and select the Calendar page from the main dashboard. Do not use a course calendar as this process will not work.

  3. Open the Calendar settings by clicking on the gear icon in the upper right corner of the Calendar page.
  4. Click the additional Calendar menu (...) and then select Add Calendar.

  5. Drag and drop or click to upload your calendar file in ICS format.

  6. All imported events will now appear one year in the past and into the future under My Personal Calendar.
NOTE: You cannot delete an imported calendar, but you can uncheck the box for My Personal Calendar and prevent it from appearing within the Blackboard calendar.