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The Ultra test and assignment tool uses the same engine to create and deliver assessments. If you know how to create an assignment, you now know how to create a test. If you can create a test, you know how to create an assignment. See → How do I create an Ultra test?

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  1. Access your Ultra course and create an Assignment.

  2. Provide a clear name for the Assignment so students can easily find it among your course content.
    1. If you don't add a title, "New Assignment" and the date appear in the content list.
    2. If you add no content, the assignment won't appear on the Course Content page.
  3. Create the Assignment guidelines by selecting the plus sign to open the menu and make a selection.
    1. Choose a question type or reuse questions and content from existing assessments.
    2. Add files and text, such as instructions for the assignment.
  4. Set the due date, number of attempts, point value, and availability for the Assignment. Modify advanced settings by clicking on the gear icon. 

    Adjust assignment settings for due date, attempts, and point value.

  5. A panel layer will open on the right. Adjust various settings as the Assignment requires. For example, you can randomize questions and/or answers or collect submissions offline. You can also enable class conversations.
  6. Under the Grading & Submissions section, adjust the Assignment's category for the gradebook. You can also check the box for Parallel Grading. If needed, check the box to hide student names.

  7. Add a rubric under the Additional Tools section. 

    Add a rubric to the assignment

  8. Click DONE to save.