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  1. Access your Ultra course.
  2. Select the Roster from the Details & Actions menu on the left side of your course.

  3. A layer will open with a list of instructors, students, and other roles (if relevant) in your course.
  4. Click the (+) icon in the upper right corner of your Bb roster.
  5. Select Enroll People from the dropdown menu.

  6. Type in the person's first or last name to search the directory. TIP: You will find people faster if you know the username. The search does not check email address so please leave off

  7. Click on the (+) icon to add the person to your course. 

  8. Select the appropriate role from the dropdown (Student, Interpreter, Teaching Assistant, Course Builder, Instructor, or Guest). Please note:

    Guest Access is not currently available in an Ultra course.

    Users who are added to a course with the Instructor role by another Instructor can only be removed by a Blackboard system administrator

    There are two custom course roles in Blackboard that are available to support accessibility:

    • The Accessibility Support course role has the same privileges as a Student, which allow staff from Student Disabilities Services to review course content for accessibility.
    • An Interpreter also has the same privileges as a Student. This special role is designed to support students with hearing impairments as identified by Student Disabilities Services.

    Please consult the Student Disabilities Services office for more information about using these roles.

  9. A green check mark will appear when the user is added.

    Getting a permissions error? Please review this FAQ -> Why can't I add another user to my Blackboard course?
  10. Click SAVE to save the roster changes.

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