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1. Access your Ultra course and create an Assignment. See → How do I create an Ultra assignment?

You can use an ungraded assignment for Extra Credit in an Ultra course.

Clearly label the assignment as Extra Credit.

When grading the assignment, the value must be higher than the zero points allowed. For example, 5 points out of zero.

2. On the assignment page, click the purple (+) and select Add Essay Question. This will serve as the directions for the ungraded activity.

3. Enter the directions for the ungraded activity. Set the value of the essay question to ZERO points. 

4. Click SAVE.

5. In the left panel of the assignment page, you can set the due date, number of attempts, and availability for the Assignment. Modify advanced settings to add a rubric and goals by clicking on the gear icon. 

Adjust assignment settings for due date, attempts, and point value.

You may notice that the overall assignment grade is still set to 100 points. This will reset to zero after you save the assignment.

6. Click DONE to save.

What will students see?

Before starting the assignment:

While completing the assignment: