Creating content for your courses takes time and thoughtful planning. If you teach multiple courses that use similar content, you may want to copy content items and folders between courses to help save time.

There are several ways to bring previously created content into an Ultra course:

  1. Import an Ultra course that's been exported from another Ultra course
  2. Select content from one or more Ultra courses and copy into your current Ultra course
  3. Copy content from an Original course into your current Ultra course
What you can copyWhat you can't copy
  • Folders
  • Documents
  • Tests, including group tests
  • Assignments, including group assignments
  • Links to websites
  • Tool links
  • Discussions

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You can copy all the content or select individual items from the other Ultra courses you teach. There are two ways to copy content into your course: In context or in bulk.

In ContextIn Bulk

The contextual copy content tool will place the copied content exactly where you want it to go on the Course Content page.

  1. Go to the Ultra course that will receive the copied content
  2. Click the purple (+) plus sign to select the content menu
  3. Select Copy Content

  4. The Copy Content panel will open

The bulk copy content tool will place the copied content at the end of the Course Content page as you would expect in an Original course.

  1. Go to the Ultra course that will receive the copied content
  2. Click the (...) menu in the mid-right section of the Course Content page.
  3. Select Copy Content

  4. The Copy Content panel will open

Choosing Your Content

In the Copy Content panel, all your courses appear in the Your Courses and Organizations list. If you teach many courses, you can search to find courses by name or course ID. The list will include both Ultra and Original courses.

After you finalize your selections, select Copy selected content and the copy action begins. Status indicators on the Course Content page show the progress. A success message appears when the action completes. The copied content is added to the end of the content list.

Blackboard will email you when the course copy is complete.

Copy Entire Course

Check the box next to the book icon to copy the entire course.

Copy Folders from a Course

If you prefer to select content on a granular level, click the name of the course to reveal folders. 

A green check mark will appear to indicate the entire folder's content will be copied.

Copy Select Content from a Course

If you would like to select individual content items within the folders, select the folders to drill down. A green check mark appears next to those content items.

A green folder with a dash will appear to indicate selected items will be copied.

Issues with Copying Content

If the system encounters problems with a content copy, an error report appears at the top of the Course Contentpage. Select View Details to learn more about why the content failed to copy.

On the Copy Details panel, you can see if the problems are related to your server connectivity or the content itself. Select an entry to see why the item wasn't successfully copied. You can also check the logs.