You can use Batch Edit to update content due dates when you reuse, copy, or import content. If you taught courses in an earlier term or calendar year, Batch Edit lets you select multiple pieces of content and adjust due dates in fewer steps.

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  1. Go to your Ultra course.
  2. On the Course Content page, select Batch Edit.

  3. Select the check box next to the items you want to update. You can choose individual content items or folders.

  4. At the bottom of the window next to Edit selection, choose Edit dates in the Options menu.
  5. Choose to update due dates based on the course start date or based on a number of days.

    • Change dates based on course start: Select a Current start date and a New start date. The tool automatically calculates the number of days between the two dates and adjusts all due dates using that number. After you choose two dates, a message appears to confirm how many days are between them.

      Example: My course content was reused from the previous semester, when the course's start date was January 8, 2018. My new course's start date is September 10, 2018. All due dates add 245 days.

    • Change dates by number of days: Type a number in the Shift dates forward or Shift dates backward field. All due dates for the selected content shift forward or backward based on the field and number you choose.

      Example: My course is all set up but a snowstorm at the start of the semester pushes the academic calendar a few days. All due dates add 4 days.
  6. A message appears that your content was updated successfully. Select View Details to confirm which content was updated.

Content without due dates is not affected by this process.