You can use Batch Edit to update the visibility of content when you reuse, copy, or import content. If you taught courses in an earlier term or calendar year, Batch Edit lets you select multiple pieces of content and adjust the visibility in fewer steps.

NOTE: You can update folder visibility with Batch Edit, just as you can for individual content items. Be sure to make your edits for the content you're currently viewing. You can't select and edit content between multiple folders.

Tell Me

  1. Go to your Ultra course.
  2. On the Course Content page, select Batch Edit.

  3. At the bottom of the window next to Edit selection, choose Edit visibility in the Options menu.

  4. Choose to show or hide the content from students and select Save Visibility.
    • If you want to select content in a folder, click the folder to open it. Then select content within the folder and select Edit selection > Edit visibility.
  5. A message appears that your content was updated successfully. Select View Details to confirm the content's visibility settings.

At this time, you can't use conditional release rules with Batch Edit.

Working with Items and Folders

If you hide a folder from students, all content within the folder is also hidden. If you make a folder visible, you can still control the visibility of the items within the folder. Show or hide as many items in a folder as you want. Content visibility settings are preserved if you change the folder's visibility. For example, you have a folder with five visible documents and a hidden test. When the folder is hidden, student's won't see any of the content. When you change the folder to Visible to students, the five documents are now visible, but the test remains hidden.

Batch Edit only lets you edit content within the folder you're currently viewing. You can't choose content within two different folders and update visibility, change dates, or delete at the same time. When you navigate into or out of a folder, your previous content selections are cleared. Make a selection on the current screen and complete your task before you leave. You can select a mix of items and folders, but you can only edit the items together if they appear on the same screen.