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There are 3 ways to access student submissions:

  • Within the course (preferred)
  • From the course gradebook
  • From the Grades tab on the Bb dashboard 

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  1. Once the assignment displays on the screen, select Submission from the top right corner. A number will indicate how many submissions there are to grade.

  2. The assignment's submission page will display.

  3. Select a student's name to begin grading.
  4. Add annotations. Click on the (...) menu next to the student submission.
    • Select PREVIEW FILE to view the attachment on the screen.
    • Select DOWNLOAD FILE to save the attachment to your computer.

    • Select DOWNLOAD ORIGINAL to save the student's file before your annotations.
    • Select DOWNLOAD ANNOTATED PDF to save your comments and the student's file together.
  5. Add feedback. 
    1. The feedback icon appears next to each attempt. Select the icon to open the feedback panel, which persists on the side of the screen. 
    2. You can also add audio or video feedback. See → How do I add video or audio feedback to a student grade?
  6. Enter a grade. 
    1. Type a numeric value of no more than five digits. You can include two additional digits after a decimal point.
    2. If you assign grades directly on this page, an override label appears next to the grade.
  7. After you assign a value, click anywhere outside the grade area to save.
  8. Continue to the next student.

NOTE: Grades will not post to the gradebook until you are ready. Click POST ALL GRADES to submit all student grades to the gradebook to release the grades so students can see them. You can also click POST next to each individual student submission to release a grade.