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The overall grade is a calculated item that you build to show students a running tally of all the items that you grade and post.

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  1. Access your Ultra course and select the gradebook from the top right menu.

  2. Click the black button that says "Set it up" to set up the overall grade.
  3. A new panel will open. On the left side, choose how the overall grade is calculated from the dropdown menu:
    1. Gradebook item weights: If you choose Gradebook Item, Ultra will display all of the graded activities in the course. 
    2. Grade category weights: If you choose Category, Ultra will display all of the categories and the graded activities assigned to those categories. 
  4. Click the gray  symbol on the right side of an item or category to remove it from the overall grade. The line will fade and the  symbol will turn purple. 
  5. Adjust the percentage for each item or category to calculate the overall grade.
You cannot mix items and categories in the overall grade. You can mix categories and assignments in a Calculation. See → How do I create a Total Points Earned column in the Ultra gradebook?