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At this time, you must use a calculation to drop the lowest quiz score. It is not yet possible to drop more than one score, but this feature is in development.

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  1. Access your Ultra course and select the gradebook from the top right menu.

  2. Hover over your gradebook (list or grid mode) until the purple (+) appears.
  3. Click the purple (+) to add a Calculation

  4. A layer will open with a formula builder. Enter a name for this calculation at the top of the page.
  5. Select a grading schema: Letter, Percentage, or Points.
  6. Click TOTAL from the Functions column.

  7. Select the TOTAL in the formula builder canvas and choose the category from which you will drop the lowest score.

  8. From the Operators and Functions columns, click the following in this specific order:

    Open Parenthesis 
    Minimum - be sure to choose the same category as TOTAL
    Value - enter 1
    Closed Parenthesis

    Your formula should look something like this:

  9. Click Validate to verify the formula. A green check mark means your formula is good.

  10. Click SAVE to return to the gradebook and check the results.