The best way to view the grades for each assignment in your Ultra course, is by clicking on the Gradebook icon from the course navigation. 

A. In a course, access your Course Grades page on the navigation bar. Select the Gradebook icon to view the grades that your instructor posted.

B. Your Overall Grade calculates your performance to date. Select the grade pill to learn more about how your overall grade is calculated. Your instructor may choose not to add an overall grade. Note: the color of the pill is pre-determined to Blackboard, and may not align with the grading schema of your course. Refer to the course syllabus to determine your overall performance in the course. 

C. For each item, you can view the status and how many attempts you have. View which attempts you've started, submitted before the due date, and if any submissions are or will be late. Submission info appears in red after the due date passes. Note: If you’re allowed only one attempt and submit before the due date, you won’t see the second line of text for the item.

D. Select an item to open the Details & Information panel and view your current grade and how it was calculated. You can also view how many attempts you have and if any submissions are or will be late. Click on the comment icon to view instructor comments. 

E. If the due date has passed, you’re informed the next attempt will be marked late. While Blackboard may still accept late assignments, you should refer to your course syllabus to see if your instructor will grade the assignment and if the awarded grade comes at a penalty. 

F. Select the grade pill to access your submission. If you made multiple submissions, the Submission panel opens. If your instructor annotated a file you uploaded as your submission, you can view the annotations inline. Visit the assignment grades topic to see more information.