The Ally accessibility report report shows the overall course accessibility score, the distribution of course content by content type and the list of all issues that have been identified in the course. The report will provide some help with prioritizing the remediation of your course content.

Ally’s course accessibility report includes Overview and Content tabs so that you can get the big picture as well as specific details about the accessibility of your digital course content.

Finding the Report in an Original Course

  1. Access your Original course.
  2. Open the Control Panel.
  3. Expand the Course Tools menu. 

  4. Select Ally Accessibility Report.

Finding the Report in an Ultra Course

  1. Access your Ultra course.
  2. From the left menu, click on View course & institutional tools. 
  3. A panel will open on the right side of your course.
  4. Select Ally Accessibility Report.

About Overview Tab

  • At the top of the report is an accessibility score for the entire course. The higher the score the fewer the issues.
  • View all content in your course grouped by content type. Select Start to go to the Content tab and start fixing issues.
  • Decide to fix content with easy issues or content that scored low.

Below the overall score is the list of issues in order of priority from severe to minor. Those at the top of the list should be addressed first. Ally looks at the number of students impacted, how often the issue occurs, and the accessibility score to determine the priority.