In the Ultra Course View, each course has one default grading schema. You can't create separate schemas at this time. However, you can modify the default schema to use pass/fail or complete/incomplete, which can then be applied to a specific assignment.

Pro: You can use an alternative method to display a grade to students

Con: You can't show score/points as a grade to students, but you can show percentage or letter grade.

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  1. Access your Ultra course and select the gradebook from the top right menu.

  2. Click the gear icon to access the gradebook settings.

  3. Select the schema's name – Letter – to open it. 

    The Letter schema is the default in an Ultra course. However, converting an Original course to Ultra might reset this schema to Incomplete/Complete. If this is what you want to use, then leave it alone.

  4. Click on the "Letter" title to edit the schema title. There is a 64-character limit. 

  5. Press ENTER on your keyboard to save.
  6. Click YES to the pop-up message "Are you sure you want to change your schema? All current grades will change." when prompted to confirm the change.

  7. If needed, modify the grade values and grade ranges as needed. NOTE: This will apply to the ENTIRE gradebook.
  8. Click SAVE.
  9. Click the purple X in the top left corner of the panel to close the gradebook settings.