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9 out of the 36 learning spaces on campus, that Desktop currently oversees, have TurningPoint receivers placed in the room. These 9 spaces are lecture halls while the others are classrooms. The 9 lecture halls with receivers are: 

Lecture hall 1---Cinema building next to Biology
Lecture hall 2---Meyerhoff 030
Lecture hall 3---Admin 101
Lecture hall 4---Sherman 003
Lecture hall 5---Engineering 027
Lecture hall 6---Physics 101
Lecture hall 7---ITE 104
Lecture hall 8---ITE 102
Lecture hall 9---Public Policy 105

None of the learning spaces in the Interdisciplinary Life Sciences Building (ILSB) have TurningPoint receivers. This is because the 
4 learning spaces in ILSB are not lecture halls, but active learning classrooms similar to Fine Arts 011 and Sondheim 409.

Note: All instructors teaching with hardware clickers should have an Instructor Kit. The Instructor Kit comes with 1 hardware clicker, 1 TurningPoint receiver, and a handbook guide. If you are teaching in a classroom that does not have a TurningPoint receiver in the room and you do not have an Instructor Kit, please submit an RT ticket to request an Instructor Kit. Each instructor teaching with hardware clickers can receive one Instructor Kit. The instructor is responsible for fees if the receiver or hardware clicker from the Instructor Kit is lost. 

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