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What are Directory Listings?

Directory Listings automatically combine HR and Digital Measures information to dynamically generate listings as well as full profile pages for each person listed. These pages will include links to an automatically created Profile page for each person included.

When editing a page you want to include a directory listing, find the UMBC Content section in the right-hand sidebar, and select "Campus Directory"

Directory listings can either be Basic, where everyone from the department you choose is listed out in alphabetical order, or Advanced, where you have control of who appears on the page and the order in which they appear.

  • For a Basic listing, including everyone from your department, select "Basic Listing" and select your department from the dropdown:
  • (recommended) For an Advanced listing, where you control who appears on the page and the order they appear, select "Use Advanced Directory Syntax" instead.
    • Using the Visual page editor, use the Advanced Directory Syntax (along with any other page content) to format your listing. For example:

    • Each listing starts with a [people] tag, contains one or more [person] tags inside, and ends with a [\people] tag.

    • Each [person] tag can have the following attributes:

      • id - the UMBC Username or Campus ID of a person. (Required).
      • title - title to display for the person in the listing, overriding any title they may have set. (Optional - if omitted, uses the title that the person has specified on the Directory Information page).
      • link - URL for a link on the persons name in the listing. (Optional - if omitted, links to a dynamic profile page).
    • Some additional options for Advanced listings can be found at How do I customize an Advanced Directory Listing in

See How do I show Published Names for people in my Directory Listings? for information on how "Published Names" can be used.

Digital Measures Data

For both Basic and Advanced directory listings, information from Digital Measures is automatically used to enrich profile pages. However, each person needs to enable "Digital Measures Profiles" and select the information in Digital Measures they want included.

To do so, they need to visit the Directory Information page and, in the "Profile Format" section, they should select "Digital Measures Profile". They can also specify a CV and Photo to show on their Profiles.

Each piece of Digital Measures data that the person wants included in their profile can be managed through Digital Measures itself.

  1. First, within the Digital Measures site, they can go to edit the data they want shown (for example, an Intellectual Contribution)
  2. Next, they select Yes from the Show in Profile? dropdown (for Intellectual Contributions, it is in the Authors section)
  3. Finally, save the data and repeat for all other data they want shown.

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