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This section is only relevant if you are manually creating links to each persons profile, and not using the default listing that the Advanced Directory Syntax provides.

If you decide to set a page to use the "Use Advanced Directory Syntax" but want to design the user listing manually (not recommended, but an option if you know what you are doing), some additional considerations need to be taken. So that search engines (Google, Bing, etc/) only include links to people still linked from your page, you should still include the Advanced Directory Syntax providing the "hide" attribute as shown below:

You should include a single "[people]" tag (either above or below your custom listing), with the "hide=yes" attribute. Within this section, add a "[person]" tag for each person you are linking to. Because the "hide=yes" attribute was added these people will not automatically be visibly listed, as they would with the "hide=yes" attribute omitted. Instead, the page will allow you to manually link to the profile using whatever formatting you wish to use. If you use these tags, any profile you manually link to that is not added to the page as a "[person]" tag will result in a "Page not Found" type error.

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