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When a course folder is provisioned in Panopto, it inherits the default permissions and access that allows the instructor to retain creator access ("Can Create"), while students have viewer access ("Can View"). However, there may be times when the need to change existing user permissions or set new permissions arise, such as granting guest access, revoking access to a video, etc.

  • By default, UMBC instructors will inherit creator access to their Panopto course folders or videos; similarly, UMBC students will equally inherit viewer access in these courses.
  • Non-official members of the course (a.k.a. other “Specific People,”)  can be given appropriate viewer or creator access by the instructor, as needed.

  • Clicking on the Specific People-drop down menu under “Who has access” will reveal additional sharing options.

  • A person or user group's access can be removed by clicking on the ‘X’ next to the person’s name.

  • Be sure to Save Changes each time a modification has been made.

Please do not accidentally delete your creator access or students' viewer access in the process; students will be unable to view any Panopto content if "can view" access is removed from the course user group.

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1. Launch Panopto from your respective Blackboard course site (See: How do I access Panopto in an Ultra course? or How do I access Panopto from Blackboard?).

2. Click on the Share icon on the top-right corner of the page to open the folder settings.

3. Within the share tab, click on the drop down arrow for Specific People.

4. Select the desired permission for an existing user group.

5. To share the folder content with an outside group or person, enter their email address or username in the field provided and choose the desired permission for them (i.e., can view or can create).

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